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Student Council

Our school offers a strong academic education, in a positive learning environment complemented with the latest technology and innovations; always upholding the values of discipline, responsibility and respect.

Brito Miami Private School

Student Council

The Student Council of Brito Miami Private School is made up of various officials elected by the student body. There is a Class President and Vice-President elected for each grade level from sixth through twelfth grade. Among the Student Council members there is a President and Vice-President elected which is the voice in our P.T.S.O. (Parent Teacher Student Organization) meetings.

The objective of the Student Council is as follows:
• To represent the student body.
• To work together with our administration and faculty in order to encourage and promote education.
• To maintain our school’s high standards and values.
• To instill and maintain school spirit.
• To assist the administration and faculty in enforcing school regulations.
• To promote and maintain a good rapport among students and faculty.
• To sponsor activities and programs for the well being of the students.




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