Our Parents (PTSO)

Our school offers a strong academic education, in a positive learning environment complemented with the latest technology and innovations; always upholding the values of discipline, responsibility and respect.

Our Parents (PTSO : Parent Teacher Student Organization)

Brito Miami Private School encourages parents to become active members of the Parent Teacher Student Organization (P.T.S.O.), a committee that focuses on raising funds for the benefit of the student body. Their objective is to continuously provide our students with state of the art instructional equipment in order to reach the greatest level of development in the teaching learning process.

Negligence of parents or guardians in the enforcement of school regulations, as well as lack of cooperation in the educational progress of their child, may result in suspension or expulsion of the child. Furthermore, in the event that any problem or situation arrives which is not stated in the regulation book, the principal reserves the right to determine the course of action to be taken.


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