About Brito Miami Private School

Highschool 9th - 12th

Our institution is a coeducational bilingual private school founded with the objective of integrating all of its members within this great American Society. As a basic principle, our school will give students an opportunity to develop moral, social and democratic values on an intellectual level during their daily activities. Our faculty and staff work with the latest technology in and out of the classroom in order to offer the student body the latest programs and curriculums.

Brito Miami Private School

Highschool Program


We believe in a strong education, which requires that students make a determined effort to take every opportunity toward their own fulfillment as an individual and a member of the community. Furthermore, we encourage that students participate in complementary activities of an educational, artistic, athletic or creative nature. In addition, students in the upper level of our high school are encouraged to participate in our College Dual-Enrollment Program. This program is designed to prepare and give students an introduction to college level material.

All programs from nine through twelfth grade are established to meet all requirements for graduation as set forth by the Florida Department of Education. Students from grades 9 -12 must complete 24.0 credits as indicated below. ​Furthermore, a minimum of 80 community service hours must be completed in order to obtain a high school diploma.

• English
English I, English II, English III, English IV

• Mathematics
Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Integrated II & III,
Pre-Calculus, Finite Math, College Algebra

• Health/Physical Education
Health Life Mgmt, Personal Fitness

• Science
Earth-Space, Physical, Biology, Chemistry I R/H, Physics R/ H

• Social Studies
Economics, United States Government, United States History,
World History

• World Languages
Spanish for Spanish Speakers I, II, & III

• Social Science

•  Psychology


The following courses may be chosen as an elective credit. Some courses are exclusively offered on campus and others on-line. Dual enrollment through Miami Dade College is available to students who meet G.P.A. and admission requirements. Student’s selection (elective courses, virtual classes, and dual enrollment) require pre-approval.

On Campus

• Yearbook Editor, Co-Editor, Yearbook Staff
• Interscholastic Sports
• Interact President (Community Service), Vice-President
• National Honor Society President, Vice-President
• Senior Class President , Senior Vice-President
• College Board SAT Prep Class
• Ethics


• Art History and Criticism 1 Honors
• Creative Photography I
• Driver Education/Traffic Safety
• Forensic Science
• Guitar I
• Journalism I
• Law Studies
• Leadership Skills Development
• Life Management Skills
• Music of the World
• Parenting Skills
• Peer Counseling 1
• Psychology I
• Reading for College Success
• Social Media 1
• Career Research and Decision Making
• Criminal Justice Operations 1
• Critical Thinking and Study Skills
• Personal and Family Finance
• Voluntary Public Service
• Theatre, Cinema & Film Production
• English IV: Florida College Prep
• Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications, Calculus,
• Math for College Readiness
• Fitness Lifestyle Design
• Personal Fitness
• Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)
• Outdoor Education
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Marine Science
• Chinese I, II, III
• French I, II
• Latin I, II, III
• Science, Earth-Space, Physical, Biology, Chemistry I RIH, Physics Rl H
• Social Studies
• Economics, United States Government, United States History, World History
• World Languages
• Spanish for Spanish Speakers I, II, & Ill

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